GoodReads Friday

I’ve decided to dedicate Fridays to my favourite children’s and young adult literature. Since I’m interested in social justice and critical literacy, I’ve decided that instead of giving a summary or review I’m going to ask some questions to motivate you to check out the book (if you haven’t already) and possibly engage in some dialogue. I would love it if you would reply to the post with your own responses. It’s worth a try anyway!

This week’s GoodRead is a young adult novel that I read over the summer. It’s had a lot of buzz over twittersphere and the web but I’ve realized that many of the people that I have been talking to haven’t heard of it. So my GoodRead this week is Wonder by R.J. Palacio and my questions are…

Is kindness enough?
Is it possible to truly have a selfless act?

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Are you on Goodreads yet?  If you’re a reader, then you need to subscribe to this wonderful “social reading” website.  Rate your favourite books, write reviews and link to your reader friends.  It also provides recommendations to you based on the books that you have on your lists.  You can even use it to keep track of books that are on your “must read” list.  I used to have a stack of sticky notes with random titles and authors written on them when I would hear a good book recommendation.  But, I wouldn’t have these sticky notes with me when I would go into the bookstore.  Now I keep a “To Read” list on Goodreads and I can access it on my smartphone.  You can even download the Goodreads app that lets you scan the barcode of any book to pull up a synopsis and reviews right there in the store.

You can also use this in the classroom.  I worked with a wonderful grade 9 teacher who created a Goodreads account for her classroom independent reading time.  As students finished their  books they would add them to their class list and would rate and review the books.  By the end of the semester, they had a great collection books they had read.  Students would even use this website for recommendations for new books to read.

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Videos of Inspirational Classrooms

The Teaching Channel showcases excellent and inspirational classroom instruction in all subjects and all grades. Create a free account to customize the website and connect you to the subjects that you teach.

Teaching Channel

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Will you be my First Follower?

Welcome to my blog where I will post strategies, lesson, videos and best practices to support literacy instruction in your classroom.
Hopefully this video will inspire you to follow me!

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Using Post It Notes with Students for Big Discussions

This 2 Minute Video from Teaching Channel shows how a teacher uses Post It notes to scaffold her class discussions. Such a simple and effective tool that can be used for students in all grades.


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