I am a Literacy Coordinator and Teacher who is passionate about developing strong literacy skills with my students.  I am interested in multiliteracies, educational technology, arts education,  differentiation and social justice.  I strongly believe that all children can be readers if we can find just the right way to motivate and engage them.


2 Responses to About

  1. Robert Cutting says:


    My name is Robert Cutting. I am one of the Series Editors and Authors of Turtle Island Voices. Your comments on our series in combating the “single story” was such a welcome insight! I have mentioned your words in many of my workshops with Teachers, echoing how TIV can give a different perspective to the single story. Many thanks for adding your thoughts! It is appreciated!

    Nia:wen ko’wa!

    • kirafladager says:

      Thank you for your comment. It is an honour to know that you are referring to my post in workshops with teachers. I absolutely love this resources and do my best to promote it with the teachers that I work with. I have worked for several years in schools with high First Nations and Metis populations and would spend a great deal of time searching for meaningful and relevant resources to share with my students. I want them to see themselves represented in a positive and authentic ways and when I saw the TIV resources, I felt excited to share these with my students. All students are engaged and excited to read these books. I hope to see more resources like this!


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