Boredom Buster

Slice of Life #3

Sometimes being bored can be beneficial. Last night my son ran out of things to do so he invented a game. He gave nonsense words to food and utensils and then made a menu that we had to order from. We had no idea what we were were going to get. I ordered a “cwikneetree” with a “windyflile” and my husband ordered a “flingflung” with a “thermafloop”. We were served with a bowl of cereal to be eaten with a spatula and a tray of pickles that had to be eaten with a whisk. What fun a little boredom can bring!

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4 Responses to Boredom Buster

  1. Haha! I used to give my parents random surveys that I would say are for the government as well as tape recording little radio shows. Kids can always invent the best games!

  2. Elizabeth Pruett says:

    What a fun night with your son! I love how creative kids can be.

  3. What a precious and sweet memory to have recorded! I love that your family takes time to foster your kiddo’s imagination. Thank you for sharing the smile!

  4. bevbaird says:

    What a wonderful lesson your son is learning – that you both support him wholeheartedly, especially in creative endeavours.

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