Here is a little slice of who I am.

Love it…

The warmth of the sun after a long, frigid winter.

The smile on my son’s face when I pick him up from school at the end of the day.

The smell and feel of a new book.

The twinkle in a student’s eye when they master something new.

Loathe it…

The dreaded decision of what to make for supper.

The taste of coconut.

The empty void when you finish a Netflix series.

The pressure of writing in greeting cards.





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16 Responses to Slices

  1. Read, Write, Travel, Repeat says:

    Welcome! I’m new too and had that same feeling with the publish button. I like the format of love it/loathe it. Super honest and true. Enjoy the challenge!

  2. rdicarne says:

    I love your post and may just “borrow” this idea later in the month 🙂 This is really a quick way to let someone get a glimpse of who you are. I look forward to you revealing yourself more through the rest of your posts this month. Welcome!

    • kirafladager says:

      Thank you so much. I have to give credit to Lori Rog for this idea (Check out her book Marvelous Minilessons for Teaching Writing) This is always one of the lessons I use with my students at the start of writing workshop. Each of the ideas can become their own writing piece.

  3. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    Welcome to slicing. This is a wonderful community! And this is a great form for a slice – Love it, Loathe it! I may just have to steal this one! I too, love the smell and feel of a new book. I have always said that Yankee Candles needs to come out with a New Book scent. Wouldn’t that be great!

    • kirafladager says:

      Thank you. I’m excited to be part of such a supportive community. Lighting a new book candle while reading a new book sounds like a pretty great experience to me.

  4. I love your love/loathe style and relate (minus having a kid!) to your thoughts! Looking forward to reading more!

  5. schwartzee2 says:

    This is fabulous! I love the format and may be stealing this for a post this weekend. I am also a new Slicer and am nervous but so excited!

    I have never heard of the book or the author so I had to Google her. I saw two with marvelous mini lessons, one for K-2 and one for 3-8. Which book is this from?

    • kirafladager says:

      The lesson is from her older edition of Marvelous Minilessons for Teaching Intermediate Writing, Grade 4 – 6. It’s out of print now but her newest book is just as good.

  6. Ditto on books, supper, and netflix! I’m new to this and nervous too. Still afraid I am somehow blowing the protocol for responding, posting, etc. Hope to read more from you as the month goes on!

  7. LSquared says:

    Hi. Welcome. The “empty void of finishing a Netflix series” made me think of how vacant I felt when I finished watching The Crown. Then I thought of an emptier feeling — the lostness of coming to the end of a great book I’ve been reading for awhile. Is there help for us out floating in the void?

    • kirafladager says:

      Thanks for your comments. I loved The Crown and can’t wait for the new season. I feel the same way about books too and sometimes have to wait awhile to read a new one because I don’t want to leave the world of my last book. Too bad there isn’t a support group for this!!!

  8. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Welcome to the slice of life writing community! You will quickly see what an amazing community this is … and remember, we have all been there. This is year 8 for me and I still struggle with that big orange publish button! But a gentle reminder, keep slices short and sweet and no need for perfection! This was the perfect first slice! I too love the warm sun and happy smiles from my girls. I just used this format to get to know two students I started working with last week. We celebrate writing on the page — and BRAVO only 30 more days to go! (But then I bet you’ll be itching to write more. That’s what happens when a habit is formed.) 🙂 Happy writing!

    • kirafladager says:

      Thanks so much. The first day has been very exciting. I have used this format with my students too. It is a great way to get kids to dip their toes into writing without too much pressure so I thought it would be just the right thing for me get started on this journey as well.

  9. Your format was so much fun! I share this love: “The warmth of the sun after a long, frigid winter.” I felt the sun today on my face for the first time in a long while and now I’m ready for spring to be here permanently! Welcome to SOLSC!!

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